Ground Ambulance

ITW Effekt 1 verkleinert

Inntal Intensivmobil e.V. has been founded by Thomas Schullan and Christopher Lechner in Oktober 2010. Both founders had the opportunity to look back on a long term experience in ICU transportations, EMS ambulance services and air ambulance transportations. Those kind of experiences are benefitting Inntal Intensivmobil from the beginning on. Inntal Intensivmobil has the only two fully DIN EN 1789 Typ C (Mobile Intensive Care Unit) approved ambulances in tirol. 

The biggest difference to our competitors is our spezification in MICU transportations.
To be able to offer all sectors of the market we certainly provide regular EMS ambulance transportations as well as MediVan transportations in whole europe. 
Our MICU teams are consisting of fully licend paramedics and specified physicians (mostly anesthesiologists). Those teams are working together on the highest demands.

The compliance of our quality standars as well as a continious training of our teams are a special concern of our medical director Nicole Schuler MD.